Proofreading is Mandatory to Write an Assignment

Are you one of those students who struggle to write an assignment?  If you are a student who finds the task of assignment writing a complicated activity, then there is something wrong with your write ups. One thing that you may be missing to come up with an error-free assignment is that you never proofread your assignment. In other words, you try to write assignments quickly and overlook the task to revise your assignment and look for errors.


Professional writers create rough drafts first to come with an actual assignment. Why can’t an amateur do that? Amateur can also do the same job if he takes the task of writing an assignment seriously. Many novice writers think that writing is done perfectly the first time. You think about ideas while writing the assignment first time, and merger of those ideas may cause you to commit a mistake in writing. Therefore, proofreading is always essential for students after writing the assignment for the first time.


The finished piece of an assignment and the first draft can be dramatically different. You will find similarities in the rough draft and final draft only when you are an exceptional writer. Another mistake that amateur writers commit is that they feel afraid to be ruthless when they are editing. They do it because it becomes difficult job for them to meet the word count as they do not want to delete sentences or paragraphs that are written poorly.


Good writers are inventors, as well as editors. The first part of assignment editing is to come up with the material i.e. the writing (inventing) stage. The editing part is the reviewing and revising stage; it is the point where deleting inappropriate words come into action. These conditions apply when you are writing assignments or essays as well. Often a student will get an assignment topic, and research about it. As soon as the students feel that they have enough research, then they will try to write an assignment. This is not the ideal way to write an assignment. Students should begin assignment writing immediately. An essay plan for an essay assignment is helpful, but it should be brief, and it will act as a guide.


It also counts in good practice that you let your friends or family members to read aloud the assignment for you. Their eyes may notice an error that you would have ignored while writing an assignment. Do not be afraid of the critics, take the feedback from critics, and make your writing look fantastic by creating an assignment that meets the expectations of your teachers.

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